Tamuna is a music band of Palermo the most important city of Sicily, an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The band was born back in 3 years ago and our first release in 2013 called Ciuscia won the national prize “ Edison Change The Music”. Tamuna is formed by Riccardo Romano (Guitar bass, Charlie Di Vita (Lead guitar) Marco Raccuglia (voice) and Giovanni Parrinello (percussion). His Family do music and dance since eight generations and own a theatre called Ditirammu in the oldest quarter of Palermo, la Kalsa. Here where the band seen its early lights.
After the first album “SICILY WORLD MUSIC” Tamuna moved to Russia and United Kingdom to bring that kind of music and vibe, they played for 3 times in Moscow and in London, after in Georgia and in all the most important cities across Italy.
Between 2014 and 2015 Tamuna released also an EP “15 minutes with Tamuna” and the album “WOOD ROCK”.

This days the band finished up with the theatres tour having many sold out performances and is now recording the first single of the new album, that probably will be expected being released on March 2016.


Coming soon